Your Financial Calendar.


The good folks at Learnvest put together a good, comprehensive calendar to help you keep your financial house in order. This is a great calendar that is a very worthwhile addition to your personal finance arsenal, with the understanding that not all items apply to every single person.

Let’s take a look at their recommendations for the next two months:


1)      Check your Credit score with CreditKarma.

2)      Check one of your credit reports via

3)      Search for Scholarship opportunities for the upcoming school year,


1)      Re-Evaluate your budget and make changes as necessary.

2)      Pay Taxes if you are self-employed, own a business, or do freelance work.

3)      Look into reimbursements from your company’s wellness plan for things like your Gym Membership. Schedule an annual checkup to keep tabs on your health.

While all of these are good pieces of advice, there should be a couple other items on the list as well. While scholarships may not apply to everybody, a great bit of advice for this month is to make a call to your credit card company and ask for a reduced interest rate. With your credit report in hand, as well as your credit score, you’re in a very well informed position to know if there are other options available. Calling your credit card company to ask for a better rate, or even a promotional interest rate is a great way to attack debt, and move yourself into a better financial position.

Additionally, If you haven’t already, go ahead and sign up for both CreditKarma and CreditSesame. Both of these sites will let you see one of your credit scores (Transrisk from CreditKarma, and Experian’s from CreditSesame) for free, and you can update your score monthly from both services. Like we’ve said, don’t become a slave to your credit score, but knowing what it is definitely doesn’t hurt you.